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 Chagres National Park  | embera village | rainforest tribe | survival agricultural | Chagres Challenge overnight

July 2008

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I. Trip Report                                                                                                     

1.  Chagres National Park Expedition - June 28-29, 2008, Our first season trip

In this overnight expedition participated 22 persons, quite a crowd for an overnight.  But only 12 persons, teenagers from all around USA were real guests.  All others participants were guides from Aventuras Panamá and specialized escort guides.

After an early breakfast at Cerro Azul the group departed in 3 fwd vehicles toward remote settlement of San Cristobal at Chagres National Park were Mr. Victor Ibarra  delighted the group showing off his farm and sharing tales of his regular life that amazed his young visitors.  For many of them, it was their first experience in a tropical rainforest, and it was hard to conceived that actually there is people out there in the jungle  that still live on survival agricultural.

But Mr. Ibarra does not have a common farm.  His dedication, ingeniousity, and persistance had turned this piece of land into a worth tourist atraction were visitors will learn how he makes a living out of the land with fruit tree plantations, agricultural crops and farm animals. 

Them, the group departed toward Rio Piedras in a two hours hike and arrived just in time to eat a "sancocho" at Felipe Vazquez house, just before the river put-in.  We identify many root plantations that were included on the main ingredients of this typical panamanian meal: A chicken soup with corn, "yuca", "ñame", "otoe",  and "culantro".

Rio Piedras was very very dry and it took us for ever to reach Chagres were our camp was set.  We arrive around 4:30 pm and assigned tents.  Them move to the river bank beach to get ready for a barbeque.  The tent area inside the jungle was very dark under the tree shadows so we try to get there only to sleep, at a safe distance of a possible river flood.

Next day, we departed around 9:00 am from our campsite, after loading all cargo rafts with camp gear and making sure we were not leaving traces behind.

The Chagres River was crystal clear.

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We negotiated the big rapids with out a single swimmer but we all ended in the water to cool out while floating downstream with the rafts nearby.

On lunch time, we were surprised by a short but strong rain that forced us to place tarps for shelter and keep our cooking fire alive.

We met the Embera motor boat  piragua around 5:30 pm.  They navigated  their  30 feet long wooden canoe through the rapids assisted with an outboard motor  and a person standing in front of the piragua who was responsable to pushed away and force turns in the rapids with a long stick . 

We arrived almost at sunset to their village where we share with a family about their living habits.  This  is the smallest of the three embera villages at upper Chagres River banks but it is the one that most closely represent the way that their relatives still live in the dense jungles of Darien, by Colombia, where they migrated from about 20 years ago.

One of the highlight at the village was a playfull baby river otter that the embera had adopted and that wellcome us on our arrival.

And them, back to civilization !



II News                                                                                TOP

1.  First Aid and CPR Certification

As usual, we certify and renew above certification to our guides and this event is scheduled for current month.  If interested in joining us, at a discount price, just contact our office.

2.  White Water River Guide Training

We have about 9 new very enthusiastic trainees this year but we are still searching for bilingual guides. If interested to join our guides staff contact us.

3.  Order gear

Shortly we will be placing another order to NRS.  If interested in oudoor, rafting or kayaking gear at great discount visit NRS Web HERE and contact us with item number. Aventuras Panama extend its discount(around 20% off listed price) to Atrevete a Vivir membership.

III. AGENDA for July 2008                                   TOP

DATE TOUR  NOTES Price, per person
Sunday 13 Pacora River in duckies

Departing from Atlapa, in front of Caesar Hotel lobby at  9:00 am

$ 40.00

Sunday 20 The Chagres Challenge

Departing from Atlapa, in front of Caesar Hotel lobby at  5:00 am

$ 85.00

Sunday 27 Sea Kayaking at Coastway, Amador

Departing from Los Ranchitos at 3:00 pm

 Limited to  6 persons unless you bring your own gear.

$ 35.00


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If a member is interested in a particular destination or activity we welcome suggestions. This ezine is also available to post members available preplanned trip into the outdoors. 

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Chagres White Water Action, June 29, by Javier Romero


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 Chagres National Park  | embera village | rainforest tribe | survival agricultural | Chagres Challenge overnight


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