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May 2008

 I Trip Reports   II News  III Agenda  IV Suggestions V Picture

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I. Trip Report                                                                                                     

1.  Holy Week at San Blas,  Sea Kayaking Expedition - March 2008


We flew in the same plane that prior group was waiting to fly out of El Porvenir giving me a chance to get some immediate feedback from their experience.  They had love it, see their comment in previous Atrevete a Vivir.

We visited Ukuptupu Island and shared with  its owner and old friend Juan Garcia.  The women quickly got into buying all kind of souvenirs: shelves, collars, wrists, etc.

Then, Bobby took us by motorboat to Perro Grande Island, about 1.5 hour from Ukuptupu were the camp was already set up and former guides Luis and Rodolfo where waiting for the guides that will take their place, Manuel, Bobby, and myself.

The next days we paddled to nearby island and snorkeled surrounding coral reefs in amazing blue clear waters.  We got out of our camp around 9:00 am, paddle for about 1.5 hour to chosen  island where we snorkled and had lunch to then paddle back to camp around 2:30 pm.  We had dinner around 6:30pm, stared at an incredible full moon chatting about the day experience  and then hit the sack to start all over next day.  The routine was the same, the experience were quite different.

Our group flow in and went out as  guides and gear usually do. It was the first time that I did not flew out of San Blas and I was happy to get acquainted with the guides+gear logistics.  The last day we motor boated to Carti passing Carti Islands into Carti River.  Here our 4x4 vehicles took us across the continental divide to El LLano de Chepo and from here to Panama City.


II News                                                                                TOP

1.  Mamoni River minihydro project wont pass easily

And hopefully it never will.  I was spooked after reading initial Environmental Impact Study (EIS) submitted by its promoter Elektra Noreste.

It not only categorized Aventuras Panama investment of more than 10 years  that had turned Mamoni River into a white water international touristic destination as an "adventure sport activities"   instead of "tourism activities".  but it is totally biased toward its project. 

The best white water of not only Mamoni River but all Panama Province will be dry out.  However, the EIS study says that this activity  will suffer a moderate impact or an irrelevant impact.  As far as I know they had not interview a single white water paddler of the region.


Some of the rapids that will be dry out


It does say that it will generate many temporal employment in the area on the initial  2 years of construction. But it also says that during its operation  only 8 person of the area will benefit from employment in the project. 

It fails to mention that only in present touristic activities more than 20 person will be cut off for ever.  It fails to say that it will tamper with the touristic potential of the area.  A wealth that will provide for future generations.

It describes the area as  devastated and free of endagered species except for a common pigeon.  But it fail to say that it is a very sensitive area where rarely seem, but seem,  endangered species such as monkeys(titi, howling, cappucino, spider, and more), birds and more could easily be well established in the area specially with the on going initiative  of Forest Generation.

Forest Generation owns more than 200 hectares by proposed hydro project, and it is turning it into a private forest reserve with touristic goals. This project along will help endangered species of flora and fauna, will generate employment, and more important, it will attract new investments in the area toward the same goal: preservation and restoration of natural resources.  Elektra Noreste hydroproject does not even mention the existence of Forest Generation or Aventuras Panama .

We all need power, but in this region our authorities should not even bother on looking at the feasibility of building an hydroproject in the area that will only generate 6.5 KW,  if they had not started with a study that determines the best use of resources in the area.

We had devoted a page to defend the cause of local people against this project HERE.  Make it also your cause.

"Salva el Rio Mamoni" - "Save Mamoni River"


2.  Adventure Elements for Birthday Parties and Events

Valeria Ferrabone in rappel + zip line Liz Marie Teran and Alfredo Romero in action Nicole rappeling Daniela Romero rappeling down to earth

It was a birthday wish that Daniela Romero never imagined that it would become real:  An extreme circuit to celebrate with her friends right at her own back yard !

A group of more than 30 kids took turn to fly over Daniela´s house rooftop in a zip line toward a platform in which they were switch to rappel back to ground at a angle set by another zip line.

With an innocent wish Daniela had open a new market for Aventuras Panama: extreme kids looking for safe fun.

If you wish to make someone fly give us a call.  Find more on adventure elements HERE

Alfredo ready to go
Daniela Romero flying over her house in a zip line

III. AGENDA for May 2008                                   TOP

DATE TOUR  Notes Price, per person
Sunday  4 Rio Grande in duckies Meeting at Penonome at 8:00 am. Gas Station across Las Tinajas $ 50.00
Sunday 11 Snorkeling and Sea Kayak by Portobelo

This is a first time trip,  we will be scouting the area to feature similar commercial trip in the future

$ 35.00
Sunday 25 Sea Kayaking at the Coastway, Amador

Meeting point will be at Los Ranchitos at 3:00 p.m.

  Limited to 6 persons or tag along with your own kayak.

$ 25.00

 For reservations please call us at Phone 260-0044,  Cel 6679-4404 or email us at . Payment is required at least a day prior tour date.

 Note:  Listed prices for above dates are good only for residents of Panama that had joined "Atrevete a Vivir !" Ezine prior March 2008.  Tour participation is subject to availability and our own Terms and Conditions.

If a member is interested in a particular destination or activity we welcome suggestions. This ezine is also available to post members available preplanned trip into the outdoors. 

IV Suggestions                                                           TOP

Glide through the treetops of century-old forests, high above the pristine rivers and waterfalls that make up the incredible collection of natural landscapes bordering the National Park La Amistad....


A family operated adventure company, started by Hector Sanchez, that has pioneered the sport of river rafting in Panama....


Aventuras Panama's  Resources  around 2,200 links to websites related to adventure, paddling, Panama, and the outdoors.

V Pictures                                                                                           TOP

The Devil's Swimming Pool

In Zimbabwe, Africa, you will find the magnificent Victoria Falls at a height of 128m. The location is known as "The Devil's Swimming Pool".

During the months of September and December, people can swim as close as possible to the edge of the falls without falling over!

These falls are becoming well known amongst the "radical tourist" industry as more and more people search for the ultimate experience.

Would you dare?





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  san blas | ocean kayak vacation | mamoni hyroproject | Devil´s Swimming Pool | kuna islands| zip line


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