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March 2013


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I. Trip Report    

About My Guiding Experiences with Aventuras Panama - By Chris Allen from Utah, USA

As a guide for Aventuras Panama, I have the luck of getting to know places that most people only dream of going to: the remoteness and virtually untouched Chagres National Park, to the technical rapids and many wildlife of the Mamoni River, and then the green rolling green hills and high vulcan mountains of Boquete, and finally to the undeveloped islands of San Blas. I have seen much of this beautiful under-rated country which we call Panama. I am amazed that such a place exists at my fingertips. I would like to recount a couple of experiences I have had in my three months as a guide for this company.

November 21, 2012 was a day on the river that I will never forget. We started off as normal: picking the passengers up at 7 AM for a Mamoni River trip. Anyone that has been to Panama during this time period knows that you just expect rain every day. Now I am not just talking about a drizzle, I mean a torrential down pour almost every day. November 21, 2012 was no different. As we arrived at our put in site, we were paying close attention to the level of the river. It seemed to be at a higher level, but we felt we could safely go down as long as it didn't rise any more. We then unloaded our gear and started inflating our boat and kayak. ''This was going to be the best day on the river'', I thought to myself! After getting our gear ready, we lowered the boats and gear down to the rivers' edge, and waved goodbye to our driver. Just before entering the river we noticed clouds were coming our way. This wasn't a good sign. We decided to wait and see what the storm does. Within 15 minutes it rained so hard that you couldn't see but 15 or 20 feet in front of you. We knew that it was going to flash flood. We quickly carried all our gear to higher ground. Within minutes, this perfect semi-transparent river turned into an unforgivable gush of tree branches, river debris and ''chocolate milk'' (from all the sediment in the river). Even worse, the usually small streams were even flowing over the bridges. Our driver had left and was mostly down the mountain when we were finally able to make contact with him. He couldn't come get us because the bridges were over flowing with water. We had to wait for the water level to lower so that our driver could come get us. At this point we were not going to raft this river because it was just too dangerous. I was amazed at how quickly the water level rose, and with such force it commanded. Once our driver picked us up again, we loaded all our stuff up and were Pacora River bound.


mamoni down El Escondido

passing mamoni down El Escondido

mamoni in duckies at z rapid

first fall of Chagres River

Although we were wet as could be, Pacora/ Mamoni Rivers were a great experience. The water level was excellent and the rapids were well worth the time to get there. It was worth the experience of seeing the great Mamoni River raise so quickly and with such force. This also gave me the opportunity to appreciate the great rapids that Pacora River offers.

guna yala sun set adventures panama expedition kayaks at Guna Yala camping at san blas archipelago

My second experience took place December 4, 2012 through December 8, 2012. This trip was our famous San Blas excursion. Fabian, Rudy, and I accompanied two Canadian friends to these beautiful islands. This was my first time to these islands. Although it was explained to me, and I studied up on what it was going to be like, words and pictures cannot do justice to what the naked eye can see in real life. When I first arrived in this Caribbean paradise I was amazed at the different shades of colors in the water: greens blue, white, yellow, and orange were just common. The palm trees and other vegetation that flourished in this salty environment, added to the beautiful effects already amazing to the naked eye. Five days in this area allowed me plenty of time to reflect on how lucky I am to get to see such beautiful land in such a remote location. There is so much in this world to see. I feel bad for those that aren't able to travel and explore even just a little bit of this amazing world of ours. We traveled by boat from Carti' to our oasis (Perro Grande island) This is also where our gear was centralized. Every day we would explore by piragua, snorkel, and/or sea kayak in this beautiful landscape. Sea kayaks were also transported to other islands by piragua if we chose to do that. My two favorite spots are Isla Perro (Barco hundido) and a small island close to Isla Pelicano. The snorkling there was fantastic. I was also able to see many many starfish in the evening. One evening we counted over 20. I had a lot of fun. We ate great, slept great, and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. I am grateful for the opportunity to guide with Aventuras Panama.


kayaking in portobelo with aventuras panama

scouting gatun lake shores panama canal kayaking


II News
Paddle Around Taboga in Expedition Kayaks, A New Aventuras Panama Day Trip

In the first week of March 2013 we finally went for a long time wished exploration trip to paddle around Taboga Island.  In the expedition party participated five guides, and 4 recruited guests Julia and Melissa from Germany, Beth and Tom from Australia.

We all love it and it automatically was added up to Aventuras Panama tour kayaking day trips.

In the following links you can check for: Pictures and Trip Description

reaching taboga pelican corner in expedition kayak

arriving on a panga to taboga

 III. AGENDA for March 2013                                                TOP

March 16, 2013   Panama Canal Kayaking   Price for Atrevete a Vivir members : $ 95.00 per person
        Regular price:  $ 150.00 per person
March 24, 2013   Panama Canal Kayaking   Price for Atrevete a Vivir members : $ 85.00 per person
    (from Gamboa with out motorboat included)    

For reservations please call us at Phone 260-0044,  Cel 6679-4404 or email us at . Payment is required at least five days prior to tour date.  Trips departs from our office HERE

 Note:  Listed prices for above dates are good only for residents of Panama that had joined "Atrevete a Vivir !" Ezine previous to current month.  Tour participation is subject to availability and our own Terms and Conditions.

If a member is interested in a particular destination or activity we welcome suggestions. This ezine is also available to post members available preplanned trip into the outdoors. 

IV Suggestions                                                                TOP

Hotel Santa Catalina

Veraguas, Panama

Santa Catalina is a great hub for many ocean activities such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and more due to beautiful beaches and Coiba Marine National Park.... and Hotel Santa Catalina is there for you

Hotel El Otro Lado

Colon, Panama

 Did you knew about this place in Portobelo ?  Chances are that you did not because as its name says.. It is at the other side.  At the other side of Portobelo Bay.


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V Videos and Pictures                                                                                    TOP

chris allen guiding raft at El Escondido rapid in Mamoni River
Picture Taken by Aventuras Panama River Guide Edgar Melendez


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taboga island | guiding for aventuras panama | taboga kayaking | mamoni river rafting


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