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August 2009

 I Trip Reports   II News  III Agenda  IV Suggestions V Picture

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I. Trip Report      

 Expedición Publication Magazine August 2009

Mexicanos en los rios de Panama explorando rio chagres en panama

Dear Javier:

I did not had a chance to say good bye, neither to thank you for all your attentions and profesional service that you had with our group.  Now I do it with a gift:

This month an article 4 pages long has been published at Expedicones Magazine(distributed in all Mexico) and it is devoted to all rivers that operates Adventures Panama, including contact information.   It will be at stores for two months.  I will send you some samples.

Thank you very much for everything and receive a warm greeting from  Mexico.

Guillermo Aceves

expedicion en rio grande cocle panama Adrift Adventures in Panama with Aventuras Panama

You can see our own trip report coverage on this at our issue of Atrevete a Vivir of November 2008 HERE

Azuero Peninsula - August 2009 by Javier Romero Gerbaud

Alfredo Catch   Isla Iguana main beach Isla Iguana back beach at Azuero Panama Isla Iguana Foundation Information Center Pedasi Panama   quericaco | small crab   Isla Iguana main beach by Pedasi, Azuero, Panama

Beautiful people, Panama folklore, surfing, diving, nature, carnival, landscapes and some other distinctive features make Azuero area unique.  I made a 4 days "quick trip" and I wish to come back. Here are some highlights of our trip:

Isla Iguana National Park:  a petit island 20 minutes in a 40hp motorboat is a paradise for snorkeling and bird observation or just for relaxing over its white sanded beach.

Pedasi: a town that preserves the enchantment of Panama most representative culture in its building, people, and customs.

Driving from Tonosi to Las Tablas:  we drove at sun set and I just can regret not driving it at daylight.  The little I saw was beautiful

Playa Venao: One of surfers most reputable beach

La Playita:  Small beach resort with its own coral reef barrier.  Beware of Ñu.  Thoset big birds, relative of african ostrich, hit on us as the velociraptors ambushing their prey at Jurassic  Park. You might like or dislike the place but visit it.

Cambutal Beach:  Great for diving, snorkeling or fishing.  Many hotels being build nearby

Isla Cañas: The place to see turtles laying eggs, from august to september

Achiote Laboratory:  The world´s only laboratory investigating how to breed yellow fin tuna fish.  They had gone as far as been able to have new borns from trapped adult specimens but they don´t grow to a  mature stageas yet.  A tuna fish can weight up to 300 lbs.

Whales Observation:  I wanted to see whales in Panama. Everyone talked about it and I had never seem one. Therefore this was my more precious objective.  And after basically daring everyone I met to proof the existance of the whales(everyone when approached would tell us that we just missed them) my dream became true the very last day. In our way back from Isla Iguana we saw a mother humpback whale with its calf heading our way.  We turned off the motor and we were almost in collision course with the couple that came as close as 15 ft before the captain was forced to turned on the engine to get some distance because some people aboard his 20 ft long boat became shocked in panic due to the proximity of these huge mammals.

Thanks to  Marco Díaz, founder of Isla Iguana Foundation, for his invaluable assistance on planning this trip.

  bomb crater at isla iguana by pedasi panama


/Humpback whale calf about 15 fts from our boa


Pesasi typical house


Ñu at La Playita
Dune Sands at Pedasi Beach     Cambutal Beach at Azuero        


II News                                                                                      TOP

1.  Aventuras Panamá celebrates its 15th Anniversary.

Whao !  15 years ago the Chagres Challenge started.    Who would be crazy enough to bring mules and horses as far from Volcan, Chiriqui to the small town of San Cristobal at Chagres National Park, make a road of 4-5 km of concrete tracks in order to get in 4x4 to San Cristobal, and to do the first reinforced trail in a National Park of Panama(about 5 km long):  Aventuras Panama !

2.  Original Pictures of  Panama Wanted

We are about to launch a site with online information about Panama and we are in search of original  pictures that tells how beautiful our coutry is.  They could be related to landscapes, people, flora and fauna or activities.  If you wish to contribute send them to . with Panama Picture in the Subject line.  They will be considered donation and senders would agree to give up any future author claim on them.

3.  Anniversary Promotion

We  will give to "Atrevete a Vivir"  members a free The Chagres Challenge  T-shirt with  every three new referral members that suscribes before October 2009.  Just instruct your referrals to write down at the Notes field that shows up at the end of the online suscribtion processes "referred by" + "YOUR NAME".  It all starts by writing his/her email at the provided field below the main title, August 2009, of this page. 

You can also send us a email to with their emails for us to verify their suscribtion.

This offer is limited to only 100 T-shirts.  You know how great those t-shirts that our guides wear are so hurry while supplies last.

III. AGENDA for September 2009                                   TOP

DATE TOUR  NOTES Price, per member
Sept    4 Mamoni white water Regular price:  $ 125.00 per person

$ 75.00

Sept  13 Chagres River in expedition  kayaks

Regular price:  $ 135.00 per person


$ 75.00

Sept  20 Mamoni white water

Regular price:  $ 125.00 per person

$ 75.00

Sept  27 Pacora river in Duckies

Regular price:  $ 95.00 per person

$ 50.00

 For reservations please call us at Phone 260-0044,  Cel 6679-4404 or email us at . Payment is required at least a day prior tour date.

 Note:  Listed prices for above dates are good only for residents of Panama that had joined "Atrevete a Vivir !" Ezine previous to current month.  Tour participation is subject to availability and our own Terms and Conditions.

If a member is interested in a particular destination or activity we welcome suggestions. This ezine is also available to post members available preplanned trip into the outdoors. 

IV Suggestions                                                                TOP

Humpback whale, 20 miles from Panama Canal, Pacific side between Taboga and the Perlas Islands. Surfaced about 25 yards from our 21' boat. Also got into a pod of about 50 porpoises. Cool trip!

ffwade's Channel

Humpback Whales at Wikipedia

Marco Díaz, founder of Isla Iguana Foundation, has put up this website where  some of his work as a marine  biologist is published.

Aventuras Panama's  Resources  around 2,200 links to websites related to adventure, paddling, Panama, and the outdoors.

V Pictures                                                                                          TOP


By Joshua Hall

  embera with a capuchin monkey at panama  
  going down The Hidden Rapid at Mamoni with Aventuras Panama  


sloth at panama tropical forest



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 expedition | guilermo aceves | isla iguana | pedasi | azuero | panama | humpback whale  | capuchin monkey


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