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Chagres Challenge |Chagres National Park | River Trip | inflatable kayak

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May 2007

 I Trip Reports   II News  III Agenda  IV Suggestions V Picture

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I. Trip Report                                                                                                     

1. From Daryl Barnes, River Runner, May 7, 2007



I just received an excited phone call from Daryl Date upon his return from Panama. He ranted and raved over what a great time he had with Adventuras Panama on the Chagres. He praised your staff for being so much fun, but at the same time very professional and safety conscious.. He was so impressed with the entire experience he could not thank me enough for recommending  your company and the Chagres.




So, I in turn would like to thank you and your company for taking very good care of an old friend. I am still amazed that your company runs the Chagres, it's an astonishing compliment to your tenacity and the skill of  Adventuras Panama's guides and staff. Through their skill you allow others to share one of Panama's natural treasures.




The only problem is that Daryl made me jealous of the trip, now I can't wait to schedule my own trip with my amigos when next I'm in Panama.





2.   Mamoni White Water, April 11, 2007

Twenty one persons went down in small rafts and inflatable kayaks.  We did pray for rain due to low water condition and they were heard because a unusual flood, the day before, made this trip a memorable one.

 News                                                                                TOP

1. World Naked Bike Ride plans a summer event for Panama.

Well, I still not know if this is a joke but here is the email we received:

Name: Michael Smith
email:       mls@princeton.edu

Dear Adventura Panama,

My name is Michael Smith, I'm a freshman at Princeton University, from Panama.  This summer, I'll be coming home to do many things.  One of those things will be the World Naked Bike Ride.  It will take place on the 9th of June, on a path from the El Rey in Albrook, to La Parrillada Jimmy's en San Francisco.  It is a clothing optional event, to raise awareness of human powered transportation, to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.  The website: www.worldnakedbikeride.org has much more information. 

Do you think it would be possible to put up some sort of notice of this event on your website, or perhaps in your office?  Interested parties can contact me via email. 


Michael Smith

III. AGENDA for May 2007                                   TOP

DATE TOUR Regular price, per person Your  Price
Sunday 27 Embera Village B/.  95.00  B/.    55.00

For reservations please call us at Phone 260-0044/774-3434 Cel 6679-4404 or email us at . Payment is required at least a day prior to tour date.

 Note:  Listed prices for above dates are good only for residents of Panama that had joined "Atrevete a Vivir !" Ezine prior March 2007.  Tour participation is subject to availability and our own Terms and Conditions.

If a member is interested in a particular destination or activity we welcome suggestions. This ezine is also available to post members available preplanned trip into the outdoors. 

IV Suggestions                                                           TOP

Moteur_Developpment International

A "clothing" altenative to fossil fuel dependence

The technology that MDI vehicles use is not new, in fact it had been around for years. Compressed air technology allows for engines that are both non polluting and economical. After ten years of research and development, MDI is prepared to introduce its clean vehicles onto the market. Unlike electric or hydrogen powered vehicles, MDI vehicles are not expensive and do not have a limited driving range. MDI cars are affordable and have a performance rate that stands up to current standards. To sum it up, they are non-expensive cars that do not pollute and are easy to get around cities in.

Aventuras Panama's  Resources  around 2,000 links to websites related to adventure, paddling, Panama, and the outdoors.

V Picture                                                                                           TOP

"HOLD ON TIGHT at  The Escondido(hidden) Rapid of Mamoni River

Picture by Javier Romero




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Chagres Challenge |Chagres National Park | River Trip | inflatable kayak


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