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July 2010

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I. Trip Report    

Amazing Panama, July 2010

Kuna Yala Toe finger Parrot Eater Specimen Boquete tree trek Miraflores Locks at Panama Canal Boarding motorboat canoe at end of Chagres Challenge rafing Beatiful San Blas Kuna Yala Well... someone push it back there ! Quebrada Bonita Cascade WaterFall at Chagres National Park

Hi Javier,


I have been thinking of the words I can use to describe my feelings from our Panama adventure. I am unable to come up with anything that even remotely conveys my memories.

I decided long before going to Panama that I was not going to try to imagine how it would be or what I would see. This was the most pleasant way to experience Panama. I was presented with daily excursions that were planned from morning hotel pickup to night time drop off.


Having Joshua as our Panama City guide/ driver on the first and last days in the city was amazing. He is extremely warm, friendly, knowledgeable and very proud of the work he does in his country. Made me feel very welcome in Panama and I hope to have him show us around next time we visit Panama.


The Chagres Challenge was probably my most favorite adventure ever! I enjoyed every minute of it from being picked up at the hotel at 5am, 4 wheel driving with Benito (the best driver I know), hiking the trails to the river for 3 and a half hours, a 5 hour raft ride that was simply incredible, then yet another ride for an hour and a half in a Cayuco that almost didn’t hold us all! All I can say is I was blown away by your guides, Fabio was extremely friendly (you can tell he loves what he does), Nelson is clearly the best at what he does, Gabriel was quiet at first then we couldn’t get him to quite down- very kind man, then there was Francisco in the kayak, he never stopped smiling.


Carri Redfern show her happiness at San Blas

P.S. The photo shows the smile I had pretty much the entire trip, every day!!

The rest of the trip was equally exciting, I wouldn’t change any bit of it. The order of how we saw things worked out well, to be able to have a little relaxing time in Kuna Yala between the exciting adventures was incredible.


I am certain my mom and sister had just as good of a time and I would imagine they will email you some thoughts soon if not already. I can’t say enough about how well our days were planned, I felt very well taken care of by all your men and know my experience was so much better than it would have been if we didn’t work with Adventuras Panama!


I hope to be back soon and see more of a very special country.


Take care,


Carrie Redfern

At Las Bovedas in Casco Antiguo Panama City

 Hiking toward Chagres River participating in embera dance at Embera Drua Village Embera Village dancing Casco Antiguo Panama City


"The Chagres Challenge was fantastic! , July 2010

Hi Javier,
I just wanted to thank you and your colleages for an amazing experience!  The Chagres Challenge was fantastic! It was a wonderful mix of driving, hiking and boating.  The guides on this trip were not only extremely professional and knowledgable about Panama and its fauna and flora, but really personable and amazing.  It was a pleasure to spend the day with them learning about the many wonderful aspects of Panama.
I have three family members coming to visit me here in Panama from July 29th through August 4th.  I sent them the link to your website and depending on what they're interested in doing while they're here in Panama, I would like to see what kind of packages might be available for them through Aventuras Panama. 
Thanks again for a wonderful experience!
Erin Keegan

II News                                                                                      TOP

Family Vacations in Panama

Daniel Robles (5) test expedition kayak cockpit Hanna Robles tastes a cup of coffee Robles family walk the Quetzal Trail passing above Caldera River headwater Robles family visit a Boquete Coffee Farm David and Hanna go for the waves Your kids and mine kids !


Joe and Beth Robles, together with their 6 kids, Hanna(18), Rebeca(17), David(14) , Raquel(10), Sara(7), and Daniel (5) dare to trust me with recommendations for their summer break in Panama.

With only 15 days, and always keeping costs in mind, I suggested them Boquete(Chiriqui), Palenque(Colon), and Chagres National Park (Colon).  They also visited El Valle, Punta Chame, and of course, Panama City.

They only took close to 2,000 shots and here we share a few ones.

Yes, Panama is also a family destinations.  And very affordable if you dare to rent your own transportation(I do not recommend it, not in Panama), and search for houses to rent. 

The Robles did not get involved in any "tipical" tourist most do.  They  trusted me with what our family usually do.  And they got the vacations of their live time ! Quality time, Quality destinations and at affordable prices. 

Aventuras Panama usually designs packages that combine outdoors and adrenaline.  This vacation combined confort and local's favorite destinations.


Hanna & Rebeca Robles in one of those thousand Boquete trails   Palenque Beach only for us !   Who say you had to be a Kuna Indian to harvest coconuts ?  David (14)

III. AGENDA for May 2010                                                  TOP

DATE TOUR  NOTES Price exclusive for members
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July 15, 2010 chagres National park Adventure Regular price:  $ 125.00 per person

 $ 75.00 per person


Aug 1, 2010 The Chagres Challenge Regular price: $ 165.00 per person

$ 99.00 per person


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If a member is interested in a particular destination or activity we welcome suggestions. This ezine is also available to post members available preplanned trip into the outdoors. 

IV Suggestions                                                                TOP

World Adventure Trips for 2010


Click on the link to travel to places that will kick your adrenaline.

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V Videos                                                                                          TOP

Teens going for the waves at Palenque !   Pictures by Joseph Robles, July 2010
David (14), Rebeca (17) & Hanna (18) Robles were able to surf after passing the waves breaks,


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  chagres national park |family vacation panama| full week vacation  panama | worldwide adventures |Palenque Colon | Boquete treck


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