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"Atrévete a Vivir !", Dare to Live is Aventuras Panama´s, on-line magazine which covers activities, news, recomendations, and pictures about its kayaking rafting trips, nature and extreme sports.

It is addressed to Panamanians(by passion or by birth, it does not matter) and people that currently lives in Panama and love adventure, nature, and the outdoors.

"Atrevete a Vivir" was originally published  in Spanish, but due to popular request, and the fact that most Panamanians speak English it became an English written ezine since April 2007.

Suscribers benefith from receiving notification on monthly programmed tours at special rates and they can also opt in to receive our email notification for last minute availabilite  on regular trips at  great discounts(for those persons with a tight budget but plenty of time to spare).

We welcome articles, pictures, and recomendations that you wish to share with our community on related topics.

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Atrevete a Vivir, Dare to Live, ezine of Aventuras Panama

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